PHCAST - Personal and Home Care Aide State Training Program

In 2010, six states won federal grants as part of the Personal and Home Care Aide State Training (PHCAST) program. The six states—California, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina—are developing and testing competency-based training, assessment, and certification for personal care aides.

PHI is consulting with four of the six PHCAST states: California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina. Each of these states worked with PHI to identify core competencies for their training program, to adapt PHI’s model personal care services curriculum to fit their unique needs, and to ensure an adult learner-centered approach to delivering the state’s direct-care worker training.

In some states, PHI developed orientation programs for instructors unfamiliar with learner-centered teaching techniques and competency testing that would assess the effectiveness of the training programs.

"PHI is a true collaborative partner. We brought their team in because we wanted a training program that truly engaged our learners. The orientation for trainers really helped instructors become comfortable with teaching the new activities."

Susan Harmuth | NC NOVA Project Coordinator

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