Allies & Partners

National Policy Contracts

The PHI policy group provides research, policy development, and technical assistance services to projects funded through federal contracts and major national foundations.

National Direct Service Workforce Resource Center Sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; Supports state efforts to improve recruitment and retention of workers who assist people with disabilities and older adults to live independently and with dignity in the community.
Personal Assistance Services Center A project of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, is dedicated to the study of issues regarding the availability and quality of services provided by formal and informal caregivers to 15 million people nationwide who need help performing activities of daily living.
US Department of Labor Under a High Growth Initiative grant from the US Department of Labor, PHI developed a DOL home health aide apprenticeship program as well as a set of learner-centered training materials to support direct-care workers.
Better Jobs Better Care Better Jobs Better Care was a 4-year $15.5 million research and demonstration program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies. The program, which focused on improving the recruitment and retention of direct-care workers, supported five state demonstrations and several research projects. PHI acted as the national technical assistance provider for BJBC and also authored numerous publications relevant to long-term care stakeholders. The project and research findings are summarized in the July 2008 Gerontologist and March/April 2007 FutureAge magazine.

Allied Organizations and Coalitions

PHI works with the following organizations and coalitions to influence state and federal policies in favor of an eldercare and disabilities services system that provides direct-care workers with quality jobs and consumers with quality, relationship-centered services.

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) The nation’s largest public services employees union; Represents 1.6 million active and retired members from a variety of professions including direct-care workers.
Caring Across Generations A campaign co-chaired by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Jobs with Justice to transform long-term care in the United States. The campaign seeks to ensure quality care for individuals who count on the support of caregivers to meet their basic daily needs, quality jobs for the workers who provide the support, and a coherent, affordable and accessible system of services for family caregivers struggling to meet the needs of their loved ones.
Direct Care Alliance A nationwide and state-based alliance of direct-care workers, employers, and individuals of all ages who use long-term services and supports.
Eldercare Workforce Alliance A group of 25 national organizations joined together to address the immediate and future workforce crisis in caring for an aging America.
Herndon Alliance A nationwide non-partisan coalition of more than 200 minority, faith, labor, advocacy, business, and healthcare provider organizations working for affordable health care for all.
Iowa Caregivers Association An independent nonprofit, which seeks to improve the direct-care worker profession by advocating for policies and practices that address the needs of the workers.
Leadership Council of Aging Organizations A coalition of 66 national organizations dedicated to preserving and strengthening the well-being of America’s older population.
LeadingAge An association of nonprofit long-term care service providers dedicated to a future of quality aging services.
LeadingAge Center for Applied Research The applied research arm of LeadingAge; An independent research organization dedicated to bridging the worlds of policy, practice and research to advance the development and diffusion of high-quality aging and long-term care services and supports.
National Council on Aging A nonprofit service and advocacy organization working to improve the lives of older Americans.
National Employment Law Project Promotes policies and programs that create good jobs, strengthen upward mobility, enforce hard-won worker rights, and help unemployed workers regain their economic footing through improved benefits and services.
Consumer’s Voice for Quality Long-Term Care A national voice representing consumers dedicated to defining and achieving quality long-term services and supports (formerly the National Citizen’s Coalition for Nursing Home Reform).
The Pioneer Network A movement of stakeholders in the field of aging and long-term care working towards a culture of aging that supports the care of elders in settings where individual voices are heard and individual choices are respected — whether it is in nursing homes, transitional care settings or wherever home and community may be.
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) The nation’s largest health care union, represents over a half million direct-care workers who work in both nursing home and home care settings.
University of Minnesota Research and Training Center on Community Living Provides research, evaluation, training, technical assistance and dissemination to support the aspirations of persons with developmental disabilities to live full, productive and integrated lives in their communities.

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