PHI Matching Services Project

The PHI Matching Service Registries Project tracks the development of nonprofit matching services registries across the country. We identified 33 nonprofit registries operating across 23 states. These intermediaries connect consumers looking for providers of home care or personal assistance services with an available pool of workers—helping to “match” the two individuals based on needs, preferences, and availability.

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Please send us your comments and suggestions on this project. We particularly welcome any new information on matching service registries in your state. We expect to be adding additional fields of information on each matching service registry in the next few months.

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This project is funded with support from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (Grant No. H133B130034) through the Community Living Policy Center.

About the Project

Personal assistance and home care services are evolving. Consumers are increasingly receiving these services through self-directed programs where consumers or their families hire and supervise caregivers directly. The absence of a traditional home care agency can pose challenges for consumers and workers seeking to locate one another.

Several states and organizations are experimenting with solutions that more efficiently connect consumers with workers. One approach is a “matching service registry.” This labor market intermediary creates a platform for matching supply and demand by allowing consumers to tap into an up-to-date registry of available workers, and workers to signal their availability for employment.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Document and track matching service registries across the states
  • Highlight learnings from these efforts
  • Encourage policies that improve and support infrastructure for self-direction

What Matching Services Do

Matching service registries typically gather detailed information about the consumer’s needs and preferences and the worker’s availability, skills, and preferences. Consumers and workers must each initiate their side of the transaction.

When a consumer contacts the registry with a request for a worker, the matching itself is done in one of two ways: either the consumer performs their own electronic searches of the worker database using one or more searchable criteria (e.g., zip code or availability by day of week/time of day), or connects with trained staff who in turn conduct the database searches and report the search results back to the consumer.

Matching services also may connect users to additional services such as: worker screening and orientation, access to consumer and worker training, and recruitment and outreach to potential workers.

What We Are Finding

Matching service registries are a growing phenomenon but are still limited. The configuration of a registry (e.g., funding sources, geographic area served, requirements for registration, etc.) varies greatly according to the needs and preferences of both registry operators and the populations served. Each configuration poses unique advantages and challenges. Generally, nonprofit matching service registries offset much of their expenses through public funding and grants and are thus able to provide a low cost service to connect workers and consumers.

Total # of Registries The PHI Matching Services Project has identified 30 nonprofit registries in 23 states.
Statewide vs. Regional

19 registries are statewide
11 registries serve a region within a state

  • 6 regional registries are located in CA
  • The remaining 6 regional registries are located in ID, IL, MN, OH, and PA
Funding Sources

26 registries rely primarily on public funds to operate
3 registries rely on foundation grants to operate
1 registry is run by volunteers

Respite Services

3 matching service registries offer respite services

Centers for Independent Living

10 registries are run by Centers for Independent Living

Shared Platforms

12 registries share online platforms

  • 5 registries in CA share the QuickMatch platform
  • 7 registries (AZ, CT, MA, NH, NJ, RI, VT) share the Rewarding Work, Inc. platform
State Registry Name Region Maintained by Eligibility Consumer Count Provider Count
Arizona Rewarding Work Respite Services Statewide Arizona Caregiver Coalition and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Small monthly fee for all consumers. 138 431
This state funded registry provides respite services exclusively. Both consumers and agencies are able to hire workers from the registry. Listings include both independent providers and agencies. Consumers pay a small registration fee and registration for providers is free of charge. There are not eligibility restrictions for consumers; however, providers must complete state-required training before they are listed. Consumers can perform listing searches based on a variety of criteria. Once a match is made, it is up to the consumer and worker to update their respective profiles. The service automatically sends email reminders to perform updates. Once a worker submits his or her application, they are immediately added to the registry. Background checks and training are not required for the workers.
Arkansas Arkansas Direct Care Services Registry Statewide Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Adult Services Free for all consumers. - 669
California Alameda County QuickMatch Alameda County Center for Independent Living Berkeley, Community Resources for Indpendent Living (CRIL) Free for all consumers. 154 29
California Central Coast Center for Independent Living QuickMatch Santa Cruz County, Monterery County Central Coast Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers. 5 9
California Marin Center for Independent Living QuickMatch Marin County Marin Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers. 167 130
California Access to Independence San Diego County Access to Independence Free for all consumers. 21 22
California IHSS Consortium QuickMatch San Francisco County IHSS Consortium Free for all consumers. 29 60
Connecticut Rewarding Work Resources Statewide Connecticut Department of Disability Services and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Free for individuals receiving services from CT Dept of Developmental Services (DDS), small fee for private pay consumers 1856 1026
Idaho DAC Personal Assistant Services (Under Construction) Statewide Disability Action Center Free for all consumers 72 90
Illinois Advocates for Access Center for Independent Living Northwest Idaho (Moscow, Coeur D'Alene, Lewiston)  Advocates for Action Free for all consumers 80 114
Illinois Lake County Center for Independent Living Lake County, McHenry County Lake County Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers 30 49
Illinois LIFE Center for Independent Living DeWitt, Ford, Livingston, and McLean Counties LIFE Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers - -
Illinois Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Williamson, Gallatin, Hardin, and Saline Counties Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers - -
Maine Alpha One Attendant Services Statewide Alpha One Free for all consumers - -
Massachusetts The Massachusetts PCA Directory Statewide PCA Workforce Council and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Free for MassHealth PCA consumers, small fee for private pay consumers 12148 7430
Minnesota DSP Match Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area Independence Partners Free for all consumers 32 -
New Hampshire New Hampshire ProviderLink Directory Statewide New Hampshire Lifespan Coalition and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Small monthly fee for all consumers. 128 127
New Hampshire NH Granite State Independent Living Statewide Granite State Center for Independent Living Free for all consumers. - -
New Jersey Rewarding Work Resources Statewide New Jersey Division of Disability Services and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Small fee for all consumers 989 276
New Mexico New Mexico Caregivers Coalition Caregiver Registry Statewide New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition Free for all consumers. - 14
North Dakota North Dakota Personal Assistance Registry Statewide Minot State University Free for all consumers. - -
Ohio Community Care Registry Franklin County Franklin County Office on Aging Free for private paying consumers. 60 45
Ohio Ohio Home Care Program Directory Statewide Ohio Deparmtent of Job and Family Services Free for all consumers. 13500 11000
Oregon State of Oregon’s Home Care Commission Registry Statewide Oregon Home Care Commission Free for all consumers. 1954 17032
Pennsylvania Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living Direct Care Workers' Registry  Washington, Fayette, and Greene Counties Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living Free for all consumers. - 400
Rhode Island Rewarding Work Resources Statewide Rhode Island Department of Human Services and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Free for consumers in the following programs: PersonalChoice, Respite, or PASS, small fee for private pay consumers 1309 758
South Carolina South Carolina Personal Care Worker Listing Update Statewide South Carolina Department of Health and Human services, and the Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging Free for all consumers. - 285
Texas Attendant Network Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio Volunteer Free for all consumers, but donation encouraged. - 158
Vermont Rewarding Work Resources Statewide Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, and Rewarding Work Resources, Inc. Free for all consumers 2756 412
Washington Washington State Home Care Referral Registry Statewide State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Aging and Long-Term Support Administration   Free for all consumers. - -
West Virginia In-Home Care Worker Registry Statewide West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services Free for all consumers. - -


Building Infrastructure to Support CLASS: The Potential of Matching Service Registries-- Explores the potential of registries for building needed infrastructure and identifies key design issues for their development.

Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA)

The upcoming reauthorization of the OAA presents an important opportunity to improve and modernize the information and assistance networks maintained by the country’s aging services network. Matching service registries can play a significant role in building a 21st century infrastructure for self-direction.