Workforce Surveys

The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging contracted with PHI to conduct a series of surveys with provider organizations and workers supporting self-directing participants in Michigan’s Medicaid home and community based services programs.

The purpose of the provider organization surveys was to measure the size, stability, and compensation of the direct-care workforce and captured information recruitment and retention challenges that providers face and their training interests and needs. The surveys of workers supporting self-directing participants looked at demographic information, worker satisfaction and training interests and allowed for analysis of findings based on the relationship the worker has to the participant.

These surveys mark the first effort by the State to collect this information and provide important data to inform planning and policy related to the delivery of long-term supports and services in the Michigan.

Provider Surveys

Self-Determination Worker Surveys

Fact Sheet

State Facts: Michigan’s Direct-Care Workforce, September 2011
This eight-page document reveals that while demand for workers is at a historic high and growing, the labor pool is shrinking and poor job quality is adding to the difficulty of attracting and keeping new workers.

Medicaid Matters: Materials Packet (doc), July 2013

Provides materials designed for advocacy work related to Medicaid expansion in Michigan.

Medicaid Matters...for Michigan's Direct-Care Workforce, March 2013

Examines the benefits of Medicaid expansion for the state of Michigan, its employers, and its caregiving workforce.

When Michigan Caregivers Lack Coverage: Findings from a Survey of Michigan’s Home Help Workforce, February 2007

Provides information on the lack of adequate and affordable health insurance coverage for Home Help providers and how it impacts their lives, Michigan’s vital long-term care system, and the larger health care industry.

Beyond Reach? Michigan long-term care employers are struggling to provide health coverage for employees, May 2008

Examines the challenges faced by Michigan long-term care employers in relation to providing health coverage to employees including the roles of public funding, part-time work, and workforce characteristics.

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