Culture Change & Person-Centered Care

Our Position

Supports and services for elders and people living with disabilities should be tailored to the needs of each individual. A systemic approach and implementation of person-centered care and culture change provides the framework for quality jobs and quality care. Person-centered culture change is essential for remaking a system of long-term supports and services that can attract and retain the number of competent and confident workers needed to meet the burgeoning need for services in our country.

What We Are Doing

  • Facilitating the dissemination and application of One Vision: Moving Forward deliverables. One Vision: Moving Forward was a CMP-funded stakeholder workgroup committed to removing the barriers to person-centered care in Michigan’s nursing homes and supporting person-centered measurement across the state. Deliverables include:
    • Nine person centered regulatory clarifications
    • Best practice guide for person centered admissions to a nursing home
    • Position paper linking financial incentive with person centered initiatives and outcomes in nursing homes.
  • Participating in the Michigan Alliance for Person-Centered Communities (MAPCC) as the liaison to the Pioneer Network. MAPCC is the state culture change coalition devoted to integrating person-centered care into Michigan’s long-term supports and services system.
  • Consulting with provider organizations and associations across the continuum to implement the PHI Coaching Approach, organizational culture change and a person-centered approach to care delivery. Coaching skills build team-building, problem-solving, and communications skills.
  • Building capacities to prevent adult abuse and neglect in all settings through skills training. It is time to move beyond identifying and reporting abuse and neglect and equip all those providing supports and services with the skills for prevention.
  • Utilizing a person-centered lens for all PHI state and federal policy initiatives.

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