The National Direct Care Workforce Resource Center

About the Resource Center

Our Mission

PHI works to transform eldercare and disability services. We foster dignity, respect, and independence—for all who receive care, and all who provide it. As the nation’s leading authority on the direct care workforce, PHI promotes quality direct care jobs as the foundation for quality care.

Who We Are

Drawing on 25 years of experience working side-by-side with direct care workers and their clients in cities, suburbs, and small towns across America, PHI’s trainers, researchers, and policy experts work together to:

  • Learn what works—and what doesn’t—in meeting the needs of direct care workers and their clients, in a variety of long-term care settings;
  • Implement best practices through hands-on coaching, training, and consulting, to help long-term care providers deliver high-quality care; and
  • Support policymakers and advocates in crafting evidence-based policies to advance quality care.

Need Help?

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