PHI has decades of experience working with employers--helping them improve cost-efficiencies, reduce turnover, and attract quality workers. In these webinars, PHI experts share key lessons for bringing change to your organization.

Training to Prevent Adult Abuse & Neglect (TPAAN)

Eventbrite - WEBINAR: Training to Prevent Adult Abuse & Neglect (TPAAN)New CMS regulations mandate abuse prevention education. Are you prepared? 

Attend our webinar and get a front-row seat with experts who have helped deliver PHI's Training to Prevent Adult Abuse and Neglect (TPAAN) curriculum to over 9,000 long-term care staff.

When Staff Don’t Coach

Eventbrite - When Staff Don't CoachDespite your best efforts, you have supervisors who don’t coach. They fall back on the old habits of traditional supervision rather than coaching their staff toward better performance. Learn new techniques for managing your own reactions to resisters and to motivating staff to become great coaches.

Making Coaching Stick—Ideas for Sustainability

Eventbrite - Making Coaching Stick - Ideas for SustainabilityChanging behavior isn’t easy and requires a persistent, supportive approach. This webinar will explore ideas that organizations have successfully implemented to deepen and sustain the coaching approach.

The Art and Discipline of Pull Back

Eventbrite - The Art and Discipline of Pull BackPeople often report that “Pull Back,”—the ability to maintain self-control in emotionally charged situations—is one of the most transformative yet difficult skills to hone. Kathy McCollett will lead participants through a booster that will deepen your personal insights about managing your reactivity and strengthen your ability to respond with consistency and poise in charged situations.

Feedback: The Fuel for Personal Growth

Eventbrite - Feedback: The Fuel for Personal GrowthFeedback is the critical ingredient for supporting personal growth, yet even with the knowledge of how to offer feedback using the PHI Coaching Approach, people still hesitate and sit with discomfort. Anna Ortigara and Cean Eppelheimer will lead a discussion on how to push the boundary of transparency and openness through feedback so that transformation can happen.

Retaining Workers in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Eventbrite - Retaining Workers in an Increasingly Competitive MarketDirect-care worker jobs are among the fastest growing positions in America. The gap between supply and demand will continue to contribute to worker shortages that are a fundamental obstacle to quality. Now more than ever, providers need to implement interventions that offer workers a quality job. This webinar will explore current demographic data and evidence-based interventions that can finally give you a competitive edge.

A Coaching Approach to Customer Service

Eventbrite - A Coaching Approach to Customer ServiceHigh quality customer service is an expectation of consumers and their family members in today’s long term care continuum. As leaders, you know all too well that dissatisfied customers can strain your time and energy. This webinar will explore the skills that are foundational to customer service along with the leader’s role in cultivating a culture of service excellence.

Leading an Intergenerational Workforce

Eventbrite - Leading an Intergenerational WorkforceFor the first time in history, our long-term care workforce includes individuals spanning FOUR generations. As a leader in your organization, you know all too well the conflicts this can create. On any given day, you are called upon to mediate when staff from different generations just don’t get along. This webinar will help you bridge the generation gap and build respectful relationships that make teamwork possible.

Recruiting Workers in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Eventbrite - Recruiting Workers in an Increasingly Competitive MarketFinding workers that share your organization’s mission and values takes a well-crafted recruitment and hiring process. We not only compete with other loong-term care providers for a shrinking pool of available employees, we also compete with employers of similar paying jobs outside of our sector. This webinar will explore strategies to attract the right people to the right jobs, and set your organization apart from those you compete with. Join us to learn how to reduce turnover by hiring employees that are the best fit for your culture.

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