Training to Prevent Abuse and Neglect (TPAAN)

When it comes to elder abuse and neglect, the focus should be on PREVENTING it before it happens.

The good news is that with PHI's help, your organization can build the capacity NOW to prevent harm and save careers.

PHI's TPAAN program will help you:

  • dramatically reduce incidences of elder abuse and neglect
  • understand issues that precipitate abusive behavior and the preventive skills
  • gain knowledge of applicable laws and reporting requirements
  • recognize personal, environmental, and cultural factors that may trigger abuse
  • create an abuse-free environment and culture
98% said all their questions about reporting abuse and neglect were answered

Contact us today to learn more about bringing Training to Prevent Abuse and Neglect to your organization.

Full-Service Consulting

We customize our training for your specific long-term services and supports setting and for both state and federal reporting requirements.

We will help you work with stakeholders to get your project funded, select trainers, and design a rollout plan.

We provide a customized curriculum that includes trainer and learner guides, handouts, and a “trainer's box” of supplies.

Our Track Record

PHI's Michigan case study is a great resource for learning more about our pioneering approach to preventing abuse.

95% said they learned new ways to handle stressful situations

2015 - PHI worked with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to develop a TPAAN curriculum aimed at home- and community-based services and supports that has been delivered to over 850 staff.

2013 - PHI worked with the Indiana State Department of Health to produce and deliver a TPAAN curriculum aimed at the state's nursing homes.

2004 - Almost 8,000 staff were trained when PHI assisted in the development of the Adult Abuse and Neglect Prevention (AANP) curricula for Michigan as part of a $1.5 million grant awarded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Sample Training Outline

1 – Welcome 20 minutes
2 – Establishing Person-Centeredness 50 minutes
3 - Recognizing Abuse 65 minutes
4 – Recognizing and Managing Stresses 135 minutes
5 – Abuse Prevention Skills 95 minutes
6 – When Abuse Happens 25 minutes
7 – Evaluation, Learning Circle 30 minutes

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Contact us today to learn more about bringing Training to Prevent Abuse and Neglect (TPAAN) to your organization. 

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