Case Studies & Profiles

Ararat Nursing Facility, Los Angeles, CA

Ararat works to foster an environment consistent with its core values of compassion, dignity, respect, and self-determination.

Benchmark, New England

Benchmark aims to retain staff who embody the organization’s culture and values by boosting loyalty and staff engagement.

Detroit-Area LTSS Employer Partnership

PHI worked with three Detroit-area long-term care organizations to train their staffs in "coaching communication" skills.

The Edgewood Centre, Portsmouth, NH

This family-owned, for-profit business achieved a reputation for both high-quality care and high levels of satisfaction among its workers.

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Boston, MA

When hundreds of residents and staff moved out of HRC Boston to a new campus, the disruption left behind was turned into an opportunity.

Independence Care System

When ICS grew from serving 1,000 to 5,000 members over a short period of time, PHI Coaching & Consulting Services was there to help.

Loretto’s PACE Central New York

PACE CNY implemented peer mentoring and career ladder programs in order to increase retention and improve quality of care.

Monadnock Developmental Services

In early 2011, MDS set off on a new leg of their culture change journey, guided by the PHI Coaching Approach.

NewCourtland, Philadelphia, PA

Career ladders, educational programs, and workplace supports have improved staff loyalty at NewCourtland.

One Vision: Moving Forward, Michigan

A wide range of partners worked together on person-centered practices and other culture change initiatives in Michigan.

Orchard Cove, Canton, MA

Orchard Cove launched culture change initiatives aimed at improving employee and resident experiences and outcomes.

Partners In Care, New York, NY

The nation’s largest home health agency embarked on a multi-year journey to transform the culture of their organization.

St. Martin’s, Birmingham, AL

Using the Green House® model as a guide, St. Martin’s invested in small households and reorganized how care is delivered.

VNA of Indiana County, Indiana, PA

The VNA of Indiana County invested in efforts to strengthen leadership, communication, and a supportive work environment.

Many of the case studies available here were developed for the The Business of Caregiving, a project made possible with support from The Hitachi Foundation and the Woodcock Foundation.

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