The 9 Essential Elements of Quality Care

PHI has identified the following essential elements of high-quality care, services, and support for people who receive long-term care--whether in their own homes or in a nursing home, assisted living community, or other long-term care settings.

Quality long-term care is care, services and support that are…


  1. Directed by informed choices made by the consumer (or, where appropriate, by family members or other representatives)
  2. Offered at the time and place most preferable to the consumer, in a manner that is unrushed
  3. Provided in a way that honors the consumer’s individuality and preferences


  1. Compassionate--acknowledging the consumer’s right to dignity and privacy, both physical and emotional, in all interactions
  2. Supporting the ability of the consumer and direct-care workers to relate as individuals in mutually respectful relationships with one another in an environment of trust
  3. Inclusive--maintaining the consumer’s relationships with family members and friends, and promoting broader community engagement


  1. Consistent with progressive standards of nursing and medical practice
  2. Holistic—supporting health, independence, creativity, quality of life and surroundings, and well-being
  3. Provided by direct-care workers who have quality jobs that allow them to provide the highest-quality services and support

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